May 14, 2012

My very own Darling...

I have been slowly been making a sleevless version of the Darling Ranges dress...and it is! (Though after looking through the photos, I think I will take a bit of time to add on the ties at the back). I love, love, love this print; I knew what it would become as soon as I saw the bolt.

I had every intention of altering the pattern for this version so that the neck line didn't dip so low, but I guess I was too excited and I forgot until after the whole front was traced and cut. Next time...

I made buttons holes for only the top 4 buttons (I figured this out by using my brown D.R. dress and checking which buttons I had left undone the last time I had worn it), saving lots of time and sanity. I also attached all of the buttons by machine...I forget where I read about it...but wow... Great tip!

And because I thought it would be fun, the hem is finished with lace on the inside of the skirt. :)  Next up... I have some jeans I am going to try to refashion and fit.

But first...a hilarious shot of me trying to spread some dandelion seeds.  Harhar.

May 4, 2012

Pink stripes!

From the remnants bin I discovered some fun pink-striped knit and it had just enough for a short sleeved Renfrew top.
I decided to give the v-neck a try; still working on getting the stretch just right...the neck band is a little bit floppy. I really wanted all the bands (neck, waist and arms) to have opposing stripes, so I cut them against the stretch of the fabric...and the waist band is the only one that is a tad bit tight. I even stitched in a ribbon on the inside back neck seem to help distinguish the back from the front (though with a v-neck it isn't as hard to do). Same sizing as my earlier Renfrew top.
I really love this pattern. It is so quick to make up. Hoorah.
Now...maybe you can find Waldo in all that fabric mess on the floor!