January 25, 2013

Blogger blues...

It's not that I haven't been sewing and creating for the past two months...it's just that so many of those things were gifts, and one cannot blog about a gift before it is given. Well, silly me, because then I forgot to photograph all the lovely gifts I did finally finish.

What was I secretly working on? Knitting and weaving projects of course.
I knit up 3 pairs of 'socks' (or slipper like socks because they are so thick), to keep toes warm. I found a straight forward pattern in which I could easily alter the ankle height, and I made a point of trying to use up all of the small leftover balls of yarn by creating un-matched striped socks. Each pair is made of the same colours but different stripes and thicknesses of stripes; a great way to clear out the last little bit of leftover yarn.

The weaving project was one I had been working on for over a year, and even then, my husband and I only got three dish towels completed to give away on Christmas Eve. Again, I forgot to take photos.  Here's the warp still on the loom.
I have been working on re-fitting and re-fashioning some old work clothes to fit me better. Specifically pants. I found the legs of some of my ready-to-wear pants much too wide (almost elephant pant leg) and definitely not professional feeling. So with the new fancy seam ripper (I can't rave about this tool enough!) I was given for Christmas I attacked the side seams of two pair of pants. I really happy with the fit of the legs now, and the waist of the pants fit much better now two.
I've realized that I have yet to understand the science of pant construction and I think that sewing pants might be a ways off yet in my sewing carrier.
As for the blogger blues, I love the blog, but sometimes it feels like an overwhelming responsibility. There are a lot of works-in-progress that need to be visited. So, there is no end to what I can blog about, it's just a matter of getting them up here.  :)