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March 4, 2013

Belated Birthday Shirt

 Though it may be a few months late, I have finally finished making a mens button-up shirt as a birthday gift for my husband. It has been a long project because I worked at first on making a muslin to try the fit, I adjusted the pattern and I worked slowly just to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.
This pattern is McCall's 6044 and it is a very straight forward pattern. There are several great versions already made out in blogger world: four square walls; true bias; Dixie DIY. I chose to do view A with the addition of the back yolk from view E becuase it matched an already owned 'favourite' shirt in his closet.
I chose to top stitch in a blue-grey thread, and scrounged up a set of matching buttons from my stash that even went with the shirt! The yolk and front button plackets were done on the bias; I liked the look of the diagonal plaid.
Unfortunatley, even with my attempts to fit the shirt using a muslin, and to customize it ahead of time, it came out too small and does not fit comfortably. The actual buttons for this version won't be serving any other purpose other than decorative.  :(  Lesson for next time, maybe the pattern sizing isn't so rediculously huge.
 (Pull lines when arm is raised and too tight to use the buttons properly)
Anyways, I was thrilled to see the shirt actually being worn this morning, even though it needs to be worn over a t-shirt. I'm really happywith the finished product (minus the fitting issues); I took my time and it paid off: no use of the seam ripper was part of this project ... ok, ok, except for making the button holes.  :)

June 12, 2012

In the mean time...

I promise I'm alive still. I have just started back at school and I am learning a balance between school, rest and sewing. As much as I love my craft times, I don't find starting new projects a relaxing activity. I enjoy the process, but I've learned that it's better to start something new with a fresh set of eyes and a brain free of gobbledygook so I can properly understand the instructions.
That all said, I do have a few projects on the go, and two new remnant bin finds for future Sorbettos, or variations there of.
In the mean time I will share a past project with you which I have been meaning to publish anyways.

The Baby Quilt

 Well, one of them. I have made a few, but sadly, forgotten to take photos before giving them away. This one I made using lots of scraps from my quilting fabrics, remnant bin finds and some really fun prints that were a birthday present. I did buy the bright blue and the orange striped cotton to bring the whole blanket together.
Instead of traditional quilting, intricate hand-sewn (or machine) patterns, or even my usual machine sewn rows, I decided to hand quilt the outlines of the small animals across the blanket. It worked out very nicely, and was a great lap project for a few long car rides in the passenger seat. Hopefully the young gift-recipient will enjoy the blanket just as much as I enjoyed making it.

April 12, 2012

The best gifts are handmade...

...just like this Darling Ranges dress my sister made me for Christmas. I can't help but wear it even when it's a quiet day at home. I love the buttons; pretty ceramic ones. (It looks so great with those wool socks! Ha.)
Another project completed today. I finished the Sorbetto top for my mom.
It's made from an old button-up blouse of her's that she never wore because she says she didn't like the fit. So she saved the material and I snatched it up for this project. I inserted an invisible zipper on the side (I find my blue-plaid Sorbetto is tricky enough to put on without)...and even though it's bright can't see it! :) The back of the top has an inverted pleat (opposite from the front).