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April 10, 2012

Learn to stick to what I like...

I 'finished' my Pendrell top a few weeks ago. I say that in quotations because I have yet to hem it. The thing is... it's not my favourite. Why did I ever think wearing anything in a stretchy polyester would be my thing?Though sewing this top was very straight forward, there are a few things I have done wrong.

Firstly, I have made the wrong size; I'm pretty sure about this. There is too much fabric around the waist and the back, even for a tucked in top: I like things more closely fitted. I still have no idea if I should be attempting an FBA on some patterns. It seems like a lot of work.
Secondly: wrong choice of material. Even though I was trying to upcycle an old dress...the lining was a lining for a reason. It's stretchy, thick, and does not iron flat. Actually, none of seems are flat. Lesson learned. Choose cottons. I like cottons.
Third: there are too many ruffles for me. I should've listened to my sister...but the other tops I've seen look so great. Well, maybe I'll try the bell sleeve next time.
However: I am still learning. It was not an expensive project. Following a Sewalong was so helpful. Pattern was really easy to understand. On to the next project. :)

March 25, 2012

My first sew-along...

I have a new project on the go... I have decided to take an old dress from high-school (can't believe I held on to that for so long!) and upcycle it into a new outfit. I am hoping to use the main pattern to make a skirt, and I am currently in the process of making a top from the 'innards' of the old dress.

The black 'innards' is made of a stretchy-polyester-type, not quite enough for a whole top...but I was able to find the exact same stuff at the fabric store (and discovered a 50% off luck!). I am following Tasia's Pendrell Blouse sew-along and making view B. Ruffles galore! I must say... I am not usually the ruffly type gal, but hey... the skirt bottom will have some ruffly-swing to it, so why not?

I love sewing a pattern with a sew-along! It's like having an expert right there teaching you, and then I can read all the comments and prepare myself for mishaps before they happen. (And I like that a a newish clothing sewer I pick out a lot of stitches). I am surprised at how quickly this top is coming together.

Oh, and I do realize that the actual sew-along happened awhile ago, but I can still follow along, right? :)