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July 15, 2012

Stripes: Part One

A striped dress fit for a wedding. Actually, two weddings!
I fell in love with this material as soon as I saw it. And it's quilting cotton. (Tilly has a great post on sewing with quilting cotton, here). I loved the colours, the stripes and even the price. Until the clerk cut the fabric and gave me the bill... um... definitely more than I was planning to spend per yard. The fabric was not labeled clearly enough... the real price was hidden beneath the fabric in the bolt. I loved it anyways, but the pressure was now on to make a great dress!

So I started with sketches. I couldn't figure out how I wanted the stripes to lie originally, and I also had to figure out how cutting the pattern out would affect the way the stripes matched up later.
 Stripes are not easy to sew with. Surprise! Oh, didn't you know? Matching the stripes on the circle skirt wasn't too bad, it's when it came time to add darts to the bodice that I was the most concerned. Thankfully, with a very helping mother to help with fit, we were able to puzzle out this dress.

The pattern was adapted from one my sister passed down to me from a beautiful dress she made herself for a wedding! It must be that kind of dress. I love the full circle skirt; it's so much fun to dance in and twirl in, but watch out for those breezes!
I added a keyhole to the back of the bodice with a button made by my sister. I really wanted to find a way to display the button, and as long as I wear my hair up, I think I've been successful. It's a wooden button cut from a branch from an old walnut tree from my Grandmother's backyard. Even more special.
 Well, after all the worry about fit and stripes, the only concern I had on the days I wore the dress were... wrinkles. Darn. Cotton wrinkles when you sit on it.
 But if you dance fast enough no one will ever notice.  ;)  Cheers!

May 14, 2012

My very own Darling...

I have been slowly been making a sleevless version of the Darling Ranges dress...and it is! (Though after looking through the photos, I think I will take a bit of time to add on the ties at the back). I love, love, love this print; I knew what it would become as soon as I saw the bolt.

I had every intention of altering the pattern for this version so that the neck line didn't dip so low, but I guess I was too excited and I forgot until after the whole front was traced and cut. Next time...

I made buttons holes for only the top 4 buttons (I figured this out by using my brown D.R. dress and checking which buttons I had left undone the last time I had worn it), saving lots of time and sanity. I also attached all of the buttons by machine...I forget where I read about it...but wow... Great tip!

And because I thought it would be fun, the hem is finished with lace on the inside of the skirt. :)  Next up... I have some jeans I am going to try to refashion and fit.

But first...a hilarious shot of me trying to spread some dandelion seeds.  Harhar.

April 12, 2012

The best gifts are handmade...

...just like this Darling Ranges dress my sister made me for Christmas. I can't help but wear it even when it's a quiet day at home. I love the buttons; pretty ceramic ones. (It looks so great with those wool socks! Ha.)
Another project completed today. I finished the Sorbetto top for my mom.
It's made from an old button-up blouse of her's that she never wore because she says she didn't like the fit. So she saved the material and I snatched it up for this project. I inserted an invisible zipper on the side (I find my blue-plaid Sorbetto is tricky enough to put on without)...and even though it's bright can't see it! :) The back of the top has an inverted pleat (opposite from the front).